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  • 3D rhinoplasty simulation system

  • 3D rhinoplasty simulation system

  • 3D rhinoplasty simulation system

  • 3D rhinoplasty simulation system


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The unique 3D rhinoplasty, chin and other facial surgeries simulation system

Exelixis Medical Institute offers the next generation of imaging and presents for the first time in Greece VECTRA 3D Imaging of Canfield Imaging Systems USA

This Imaging System provides 3D Simulations for various Surgeries like:


The need of the patient who wishes to be subjected to rhinoplasty, chin and other cosmetic procedures of the face

Always the patient’s issue during the discussion of any change in appearance was to be able to see the result before taking the “big decision”. Simultaneously, steady surgeon's desire was always to be able to show a clear and simple way what the patient can expect after surgery.

We are pleased to say that at last the wish both of the two parts came true. We now have the opportunity to see and discuss the result with safety, long before getting on the operating table.

The Exelixis Medical Institute in cooperation with the Canfield Imaging Systems USA presented for the first time in Greece the system in 2009 and since then it is regularly at the Greek patients disposal.

Advantages of Vectra 3D⁄M3 System.

The essential that one could indicate is that it greatly eliminates the risk of miscommunication between the surgeon and the patient. The patient can explain with greater precision and clarity to the surgeon his desires and in his turn, the solutions and the expected outcome.

Using the simulation you will be able to see your future look comfortable and stress free.

Any concern about the effect can be greatly reduced while ensuring proper consultation with your surgeon. Incorrect understandings of the past are replaced by the certainty of the image.

During the simulation, the surgeon can show you the result of two angles simultaneously compared the before and after, the result that you would have if you do 2 or more surgeries as many others, depending your case.

Finally, in cases of particularly demanding interventions-such as surgery revisions-we can use the system for the accurate measurement of many dimensions, distances and angles thereby deriving valuable information about the size of parts to be removed and implants to be used in surgery.

For more information on Vectra 3D Imaging, and the software Face Sculptor and Mirror Suite used in our institute click below to download the relevant brochures:

The system representation in Greece is done by Chrysallis Proderma which CEOs Mrs. Katerina Michael is active in Greece since 2002.


Το VECTRA® 3D Imaging System and software such as Face Sculptor™ developed by Canfield Imaging Systems, NJ USA, a pioneer company in the global market for imaging systems with applications in medicine and especially surgery.


The process begins with taking a three-dimensional image of the patient with the VECTRA 3D, which takes about one minute.

Then with the help of special software Face Sculptor® & Mirror® Dr.Moireas and colleagues can show a simulation in three-dimensional view of the results you can expect after surgery.


Because of the fact that the simulation is shown on a three-dimensional model there are too many possibilities during the simulation. Indicatively the following:

  • To see the effect from any angle you wish.
  • To see the result from two angles simultaneously.
  • To see a side by side juxtaposition “before” and “after” surgery.
  • Even see a translucent overlay.
  • To measure angles, distances and even tumors especially in cases of transplants.
  • To combine the images of the system with the results CT and MRI scans in cases of major surgery rehabilitation in collaboration with Surgeons.


Which operations can be simulated?

Face Sculptor currently provides the ability to model in 3D several facial procedures, including:

  • Rhinoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty Revision
  • Chin (plastic chin surgery)
  • Profiloplasty (Rhinoplasty & Chin)
  • Liposuction and other
  • Very soon we expect to be able to simulate procedures such as face lift, bottox, fillers, surgery lips and other

Is Face Sculptor easy to use?

The process of taking images in less than one minute and the simulation takes only a few minutes, long enough to actually talk to your surgeon about what exactly you want to improve your appearance.

What types of adjustments are possible?

They can simulate any amendments that may be required during surgery, modifying the bridge of the nose, straighten the nose, lift the nose, formatting nose pyramid as any other.

They can be more than one simulation simultaneously?

Yes. It may be two, three or more simulations simultaneously. For example removing the bridge of the nose with simultaneous lift and straighten the nose.

How clear is the image obtained?

The images obtained are of very high resolution that’s why they are displayed on large screens without a problem. Canfield’s 3D Mirror Imaging system provides 36Mpixels images. Even the pores on the patient’s skin are displayed.