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In Exelixis MI we welcome patients from all over Greece, Cyprus and from many foreign countries.

We understand that the transition from a region away from Athens for examination and then, after a certain period of time the return for the operation, increases the discomfort, as well as the inconvenience both in money and time.

For this reason, we have diligently arranged for possible examinations followed by operations if needed only in one visit to our facilities, only by following certain steps.

Our patients often combine their operation with spending some recreational days either in sightseeing Athens, or organizing trips in the vicinity.

Online preparation of operations, how it works in simple steps

  1. Communicate with us, either by phone, fax, e-mail or by mail.
  2. Fill in the specific questionnaire, then send them to us by mail, fax, or e-mail.
  3. Send your photos by mail, e-mail, or upload them using a specific form.
  4. See the initial report of our surgical team for the treatment of your condition. You will be informed whether you are qualified for an operation. Furthermore you may be asked for additional information, which may be required for the correct and complete initial evaluation.
  5. Please read the informative form that will be sent to you regarding your operation (information on your condition, the surgery and the post-surgical period). Sign wherever your consent is needed. Send the undersigned forms in our institute.
  6. Book a date and time of operation. Our secretariat in consultation with your surgeon will inform you when your operation will take place.
  7. Go to the city of Athens.
    • A day prior to your operation you have to be in Athens, in order for the last pre-surgical evaluation to take place, the plan of your operation be completed and any last minute questions to be answered.
    • When the date of your operation is scheduled, we will also inform you for the time of the scheduled appointment with your surgeon.
  8. Where will you stay?
    • Prior to the surgery, you will spend the night in Athens, where there are a lot of choices in accommodation.
    • For your convenience, we include few notable hotels, in various areas.
  9. On the day of the operation we recommend to patients who do not live in Athens to spend the night at the clinic.
  10. The day after the surgery and after your doctor's approval you can return to your city. In some rare cases, your doctor will inform you if there is a particular reason to remain in Athens, so your schedule will be modified accordingly.