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Financial of the operation


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Regarding the cost of your operation, you should be aware of the fact that our institute due to its collaborations with private clinics, will help you choose the most financially suitable package deal.

You should be aware that the cost of an operation depends on many parameters, which may be affected by your personal preferences (e.g. by choosing the type of your bed during your hospitalization).

In general, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • The type of the operation
  • The cost of the materials that are likely to be used
  • The type of the applied anesthesia (local or not)
  • The cost of the surgery
  • The type of hospitalization
  • The duration of the hospitalization


For your convenience, we have taken special care to give you several payment choices:

  1. By cash
  2. With credit card.
  3. By using your private insurance contract if the operation you wish to perform is covered by it.
  4. By issuing consumer loans.

Required Documents for consumer lending

  1. Original last year’s paycheck or certified from an economic principle photocopy of the tax return. In the case of presentation of uncertified tax return , prototype just last year’s paycheck must necessarily be presented.
  2. Original identity card or passport.
  3. For foreigners: foreign Original identity card or passport.
  4. last salary slip or employer’s salary certificate and previous experience. (Employees - retired).
  5. Two recent bank statement or recent clearance (required only in case the client has another loan)
  6. The guarantor will provide the corresponding documentation with the borrower a, b and c