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Chris K., aged 36

After a bike accident, I could hardly recognize my nose and my face . Thank you everyone at Exelixis Medical Institute not only for your psychological support, but also for the excellent results of the nose job as well as the chin operation.

Margaret T., aged 27

I took the decision to fix my nose, after seeing the amazing results in the nose of a friend , who faced a similar problem with mine. I had a crooked and long nose. The idea of having a surgery on my face scared me until then. Fixing my appointment with her doctor, the specialist rhinoplasty surgeon Dr.Mireas , I was convinced to go to the surgery quickly. I was thrilled having the chance to simulate my nose even in three-dimensions, so as to know before getting in the surgery, what the result should be. Thank you so much doctor for my brand new face and a nose that suits me and flatters me a lot.

Sotiria R., aged 48

I couldn’t imagine that I would be able to have a rhinoplasty and liposuction at the same time! Our conversation in Exelixis Medical Institute and and the 3Dcomputer imaging were extremely helpful. Many thanks and congratulations for the great job you did. I am really happy with the results.

Theodore N., aged 52

I was suffering from the Peyronie disease, unfortunately this caused problems in my personal life too, and I’d like to thank my surgeon Dr.Borousas, because after the surgery, I'm active again and confident about myself in my personal life.

Dimitris C., aged 46

I had a difficulty in breathing and felt severe fatigue due to my extra weight. I also snored loudly and not breathe normally while sleeping. Unfortunately the fact that I am a smoker made everything worse. After visiting Exelixis Medical Institute and beiing reviewed by the surgeon , it was clear that I had trouble with the nasal septum. He informed me for the surgery I had to do, and the postoperative phase. I returned home the same day after the operation and I breathe much better and not feeling tired since then. Many thanks for everything you’ve done for me.