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Face Lift


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The term facelift is the set of techniques used by properly trained plastic surgeon to reverse and slow down the normal process of time and gravity.

The operation

Methods used are many and depend on the needs and requirements of each person. But preferred techniques that have to do with the recovery and restoration of the deeper layers of the face (high smas tehniques), despite the suspension sutures give much shorter effect.


  1. Placement in the surgical bed
  2. Antisepsis area
  3. Apply local anesthesia and general anesthesia or sedation analgesia (if required)
  4. Local anesthetic solution for hemostasis reasons
  5. Skin detachment, suspension of loosened tissue and suture
  6. Suturing the incisions


  1. Sedation analgesia
  2. Monitored Anaesthesia Care (MAC - a combination of local anesthesia and sedation): the most modern method of anesthesia in plastic surgery
  3. General anesthesia

Duration of surgery

2-3 hours (depending on the existing problem)

Stay in the clinic

For precautionary reasons, the patient remains in hospital for one or two days after surgery. In less extensive surgery patients can go home the same day.


On total lifting, the result is visible in a month. On partial lifting, in about 3 weeks.

Combination with other operations

Combination with other operations depends on the real problems and desires of the patient, always with the advice of a doctor.

Instructions after surgery

  • Usually it is planned to stay at the clinic for two nights.
  • You will wear a bandage-corset.
  • The first visit is by appointment in the doctor’s office and in accordance with his instructions.
  • You will notice some swelling around the face and eyelids, which recedes from the tenth to the twentieth day gradually.



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How painful is this surgery?

It is almost painless. What characterizes the treatment according to patient testimonials is no pain, but a feeling of “weight” - swelling of the face, which gradually subsides in the first 24-48 hours.

Do I have to stay in hospital after surgery?

As a precaution, patients remain in the hospital for one or two 24-hour period after surgery. In less extensive surgery can go home the same day.

What is the recovery time after surgery?

The healing time in every person as well as the reaction of any body after a surgery is different. They usually return back to their activities after one or two weeks, while full restoration is noticed in the first month.

How long does the result last?

After this kind of operation the tissues of the person’s skin are being returned where they were several years ago. In this way, the skin aging is continued but much slower. As if we turn the clock back several years. Key elements contributing to duration of effect is the surgical technique, gene predisposition, the quality of skin and collagen. Equally important factors are the protection from sunlight, avoiding smoking and maintaining a stable weight. The average duration is 10-15 years.